Senior Loan Officer

To whom it may concern,
My name is Casey, Senior Loan Officer with Principle Funding.
I have used American Best Credit for some time now. 

I get 2 different types of leads at my company, and those are purchase and refinance. Many times my clients find out that once I pull their credit that there is something on the credit that is not theirs or should just not be there. I use American Best Credit.com to repair all my credit clients.

It typically takes anywhere from as little as 45-90 days. I had a client that has been in for (2) two months now and his recent Foreclosure and Bankruptcy are both gone!

I highly recommend American Best Credit for your credit repair needs.
Sincerely, Casey, Senior Loan Officer


I would like to take this time to thank you and your staff for the excellent job you did on saving my step son's house from being foreclosed on.

To recall his story: He is a Decorated Fireman in Northern California (State of California Medal of Valor) for pulling an elderly woman out of an automobile moments before it was struck by a train.

He built his own house on a 23 acre parcel of land in the country to give his wife and two children a rural life style.

Because most of the time he had to do the construction by himself, it took him almost five years to complete. The delays caused the price of the building material to far exceed the amount of his original construction loan. To reduce his expenditures he and his family lived in a fifth wheel trailer on the property for almost five years.

The higher costs forced them to struggle to meet their loan payments on time. But by the end of the construction he was current on his loan balance but had incurred many late payments and his FICO score was adversely effected.

The bank that had carried his construction loan refused to convert that loan into a conventional loan and demanded immediate payment in full. Other banks would not extend a loan to him because of his low FICO scores. So there he was A fireman with a solid job, with qualifying income, current on his bills, in a new house whose market value far exceeded his loan amount because he built it himself, on property he lived on for five years, and now facing foreclosure and eviction.

This is where American Best Credit came in. You and you staff went to work to get his FICO scores up. It took a lot of correspondence, hard work, experience and dedication but you did it.

Despite FHA raising the minimum FICO score 640 during the process you made it possible to for him to secure an FHA 30 year fixed at 5% just days before eviction proceedings.

Escrow just recently closed. He, his wife and two children are now living the "American dream" in new house, on 23 acres in rural Northern California.

We can't express it enough how much we appreciate a job well done.

Regards and God Bless Ron


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