The Anatomey of a Credit Sweep

Are credit sweeps legal?
A credit sweep is a type of credit restoration which is 100% legitimate and it works because it’s based on the law (FCRA). The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the option to question anything on your credit report. If it can’t be verified, it must be deleted. This is the premise of all credit restoration.
How Does a Credit Sweep Work?

We remove all the negative items in approximately 60 to 90 days (Equifax, Experian, Transunion) Charge-offs, Collections, Late payments, Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Repos, Judgments, Evictions, Child Support, Tax Liens, Short Sales, Student Loans and Much More! 

We remove most negative items and keep on all the positive items. This program will have your personal credit profile as good as new in about 60 to 90 days.  

We create a personal action plan for you that works directly with all three credit bureaus. 

Our credit repair specialist go through continuous credit training. We constantly attend credit boot camps, seminars, webinars, and keep up to date with the various credit reporting and credit laws. We understand the process of credit repair, the stall tactics the bureaus use as well as the makeup of the FICO score. 

We have a legal approach to credit repair. We constantly optimize our dispute letters to stay adjusted with the never-ending changes of our industry. 

For our 60-90 day expedited process, we not only use the legal hand-crafted letters, but also access certain departments within the credit bureaus that few people know about which and streamlines the process. 

**We can even add tradelines to your credit report to get you loans or to help you qualify to purchase a house (additional fee's may apply).

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