Debt Validation

Are you being hassled by debt collection agencies? Does it seem like no matter what you do, you can’t make a dent in your monthly obligations (much less pay them off?) The good news is that debt validation is possible. Here, we provide expert assistance to those who are dealing with debt problems. We’ve helped folks just like YOU, for years, mitigate and reduce their debt by 55%! That’s true whether you’re current on your credit cards or are being hassled by third-party collectors.

First Steps

The moment you receive a notice from a debt collector, respond to it. Even if you don’t owe this debt (or this debt in the exact amount) you should do this. If you just ignore it, then the debt collector will, most likely, keep going. That could mean negative reporting to credit bureaus, redouble their collection efforts and, in some cases, begin legal proceedings. With us, you don’t have to worry about that. We’ll do what’s right on time while always keeping you in the loop.

The Importance of the First 30 Days

According to the FDCPA (the “Fair Debt Collection Practices Act”), debt collectors have to, within five days of contacting you initially, send a written notice with the name of the credit and the outstanding amount of debt. The creditor will assume that your debt is valid unless you dispute it within a 30-day period. After you’ve disputed it or asked for the original creditor’s name/address, the debt collector, legally, has to stop all collection activity. They can continue once they’ve provided you with that information. You also should receive a copy of the judgment or info about the debt’s verification after you dispute it, as well as the original creditor’s name and address.

How Debt Validation Can Help

Our Legal Team will initiate the debt validation process through the court system on your behalf. When we do, it either stops the collection efforts you’re dealing with or validates the debt. Either way you can rest assured that our legal experts are on the case working on the best solution to the issues at hand.

When to Call Debt Validation Experts

There are many reasons that folks should reach out to debt collection pros. If you think that the amount you owe isn’t right, or you just don’t recognize the debt period. We also can help those who feel that their debt was previously discharged under bankruptcy or they’re targeted to pay a debt that isn’t their responsibility. You aren’t alone when you take on debt. We’ve been helping people who are where you are right now for a long, long time. Now we can do the same for you. For a free consultation with our experts on debt validation, you can reach us at

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